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Integrated study and professional development support policy

Having attained ACCA Gold Status, in terms of being an Authorised Training Centre and Authorised Practising Development Centre, we have established and implemented a complete strategy for supporting our people at all stages of their professional, career development. The principal elements of this policy are listed below:

  • Members of staff who are working in pursuit of ACCA qualification and are still in the process of studying for fulfilling the examinations requirements are entitled to a special, fully paid study-leave allowance of five (5) business days per paper they are preparing for.
  • Additional arrangements for reimbursed absence may be applied – on a contingency basis – depending on the ad-hoc circumstances and subject to the discretion of the Executive Director.
  • Upon success in a specific paper, the achiever is awarded an exclusive ‘prize’ for excellence, the nature of which varies according to the assessed needs of the recipient.
  • Once a colleague reaches the end of the ACCA examinations pyramid, his / her status is upgraded in multiple respects (i.e. in terms of work-content, remuneration, peer-recognition).
  • Appropriate contacts, participations and communications-channels are maintained, so that candidates running for attaining a practicing certificate are endowed with a wide spectrum of opportunities for completing their CPD requirements.