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Techno-economic studies

Techno-economic studies

Methodical and informed planning for value-establishment comprises a significant element for the success of business activities. Valuation advice and feasibility assessment requires proper gathering and analysis of information, ample experience and appropriate professional intuition. We, at G. Kalopetrides & Partners Ltd, use our broad expertise and via the implementation of contemporary primary-research methodologies can generate state-of-the-art opinion reporting, regarding the feasibility and realisation potential of new investment and venture opportunities. Our techno-economic support services include:

Our audit and assurance department is manned by an assortment of individuals, exhibiting advanced levels of professional skill, each of whom presents a unique and specialised aptitude in a specific area of concentration (e.g. audit, compliance, financial reporting, VAT, information technology, income tax planning). Our client base includes hundreds of organisations, originating from diverse sectors and characterised by variety in terms of size and scope of activity.

  • Our techno-economic support services include:
  • - Feasibility studies
  • - Due diligence investigations
  • - Capital budgeting reports
  • - Business valuations
  • - Asset valuations in view and in the context of mergers and acquisitions
  • - Fairness opinion reports
  • - Corporate restructuring
  • - Issuance of new shares
  • - Stock exchange listings
  • - Dispute resolution reports