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Tax Compliance

Tax planning and management, on either a personal level or in a corporate context tends to be a challenging task. Thus, intervention by specialists in the field becomes a necessity. Our tax-consulting expertise and case-handling power can be utilised by subscribing to our compliance services, oriented towards the derivation of tax strategies for optimising tax benefits and attaining maximum conformity.

Tax Diary – 2015

International Tax Planning and Consulting

The escalation of international investments, coupled to the attractiveness of the tax regime of Cyprus, led to the transformation of the island into a significant financial nucleus for multinational organisations.

Consequently, the devising, implementation, monitoring, control and refinement of such cross-border investment plans has become a notable issue.

G. Kalopetrides & Partners Ltd can render a wide span of tax planning and advisory services, like:

• Evaluation of likely tax outcomes, in relation to inbound and outbound investments
• Consultative support in case of reorganisations, mergers & acquisitions, disposals and other forms of business combinations and disintegration
• Tax planning regarding the implementation of efficient and effective tax structures and constructive interaction between double-tax treaties with local tax regulations
• Tax planning for exit strategies and efficient repatriation of profits
• Assistance with obtaining rulings from the Cyprus Tax Authorities

Our above services can be further enhanced through Affilica’s International global reach, which can enable you or your business to benefit from an extensive portfolio of cross-border tax consulting services.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Our VAT services include:

• Accurate and timely preparation and filing of VAT returns
• Optimum VAT recovery/refund claim tactics
• VAT periodic and specific-purpose, diagnostic reviews
• VAT consulting on specialised transactions