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George M. Kalopetrides (Executive Director)


George M. Kalopetrides is the Chief Executive Director of G. Kalopetrides and Partners Ltd. He qualified in the UK and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered…

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Yiannos A. Ioannou

MBA (Acc. & Fin.)

Yiannos Ioannou graduated from the Maastricht School of Management with a post-graduate degree in business administration (MBA with an accounting and finance concentration). He initially worked…

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Froso Papadopoulou

Senior Audit Manager

Froso joined the Firm in 1995 and held the position of a Shareholding Partner from January 2015 until July 2019, whereby, she became a Strategic Partner.

Froso has more than 20 years of…

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Our People

In pursuit of delivering exclusive quality services to our clients, we adopt and apply a philosophy of continuous professional development at all levels of staff, who in addition to being equipped with advanced competence in their area of comparative, work-related advantage, are also exposed to gaining in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding of specific market sectors. The preservation and enhancement of these qualifications, skills and experience is determined and guided by our firm-culture of professionalism, our loyalty to professional ethics, shared and encouraged by the partners and embodied by our firm’s commitment to safeguarding a high quality service to our clients, by employing “a professional approach in a personal manner.”

Internal communication is an inherent and multilaterally abundant aspect, as well as, an underlying principle for unveiling the preferred incentives that each member of our team primarily values. This school of thought and action ilargely contributes towards unlocking the unique talents of every individual and utilising them for achieving optimal professional performance.