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Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

The contemporary dynamic economic environment necessitates the presence of dependable consultants, the primary role of whom consists of exploring and attaining a thorough comprehension of each and every business’s needs, domain of operation, competitive advantages and deficiencies, simultaneously to the detection of sources of potential peril and challenges. This tendency mobilises the provider of assurance services, away from the traditional capacity of the statutory audit and financial reporting function.

Our audit and assurance department is manned by an assortment of individuals, exhibiting advanced levels of professional skill, each of whom presents a unique and specialised aptitude in a specific area of concentration (e.g. audit, compliance, financial reporting, VAT, information technology, income tax planning). Our client base includes hundreds of organisations, originating from diverse sectors and characterised by variety in terms of size and scope of activity.

The audit methodology of our firm is largely bespoke, so as to be directly fine-tuned with the size and nature of your enterprise and derives further reinforcement from our broad industrial knowledge and experience. Our ongoing dedication to learning and understanding of regulation and legislation, may imply that we can also assist in complex cases, involving disclosure, measurement and compliance issues and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) application.

We can also contribute towards embodying additional value to your organisation by aiding towards the determination and evaluation of your internal controls systems, as well as, conducting objective investigations and studies – on your behalf – for uncovering the feasibility of new business opportunities.