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Purpose of the workplace appraisal

The performance evaluation program plays a dominantly positive role in safeguarding an enduring and rigid employer-employee relationship-mode, comprising an official medium for members of staff to share their achievements, skills and ambitions with their superiors. The firm’s managerial heads will in turn be enabled to generate response to the above and offer support to its personnel.

Corporate objectives
  • To ensure that staff-members are appropriately trained so as to execute their work assignments with commitment, reaching optimal standards of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To reinforce the quest for cultivating a future-oriented culture and flexible human-capital structure, by constructing action upon the organisational and growth needs of the firm’s staff.
  • To improve and advance the quality of relationships among members of staff and the calibre of internal communication in general.
  • To maintain information, which may constitute the basis for formulating decisions, regarding the compensation and recognition of staff-efforts, as well as, future elevation.
Employee objectives
  • Enjoy recognition for good performance.
  • To be well-equipped for overcoming difficulties, emanating from their day-to-day work and avoid potential ones.
  • To strengthen their prospects for future professional advancement.
  • To receive direct feedback for their performance, succinctly on the basis of nature and level of the work they are required to produce.